CLC – High Heels (Short Version)

:SIGH:…What the hell, Cube Entertainment?

Rainbow – Eye Contact

We weren’t feeling Whoo, but Rainbow’s comeback EP has a lot more to offer than the underwhelming title track.

Nu’est – Overcome

The youngins of Nu’est have returned with their latest track and a video that is full of imagery and lyrics …

Stellar – Sting

Stellar returns with the immaculate Sting from their new EP and it’s just what the doctor ordered.

BoA – Christmas Paradise

SM has been releasing their annual Christmas tracks since the beginning of December and, while the f(x) and Red Velvet …

BTS – Run

BTS may have managed to duplicate the excitement they created over their last EP with the release of The Most …

GOT7 – Confession Song

When GOT7 dropped If You Do a few months ago we remarked that we liked the fact that they looked mature …