We have finally gotten part two of BTS’ The Most Beautiful Moments In Life and, I have to say that, despite how much I liked part one, this part is infinitely better.  The scope of the production is wider, the vocals are stronger, and the rap verses display a more varied flow from track to track.  While part of my bias is due to the fact there is a little more focus on R&B stylings than the more electronic pop stylings, there is not a gap between the two.  Listening to both back-to-back will show a very cohesive album with only a few track seeming out of place due to their placements (listen to Ma City before Sick and Parrotbill after to see what I mean).

While it’s a little harder to pick a favorite from this set, I would have to give the nod to either Parrotbill or Withered Leaf.  The former is a nice mix of trap rap and pop vocalization (with better than average production) and the latter is just a moving ballad.

If you want to see all the translated lyrics, follow this link to KBeat and search ‘Bangtan Boys’ in the box on the left.