We finally get an English version of one of our favorite recent Jay Park tracks…and we don’t hate it.

We’ve already reviewed this track and not much has changed, so we’re going to focus on what’s different than repeat ourselves.

We will say that, though the original came out just over a year ago, it still has that perfect summer vibe to it.  Cha Cha Malone’s production has aged well and the sound is just island enough for the theme without dipping too much into the trend.

The lyrics are less vulnerable and about the men involved than the woman they’re speaking to, making for the biggest departure from the Korean version, but it has the braggadocio that doesn’t is somewhat mild and is  prefaced around what the men can do for said woman.  We understand the needle he has to thread, though; Park is aiming his music at an American male audience while trying not alienate his rather large, Black, female audience in the process.  We think this will keep both sides happy.

The track runs a little short because some of the chorus repetition at the end has been cut.  If you’ve heard the original this is a little disconcerting, but it doesn’t kill the track by any means and newcomers will not notice anything particularly wrong with new length.

If there is downside to the track is that it seems to flow a little better in the original Korean.  Park doesn’t usually have issues with translated versions of his tracks; Me Like Yuh worked in both languages and his bilingual nature has made of some solid and interesting projects, especially in the last few years.  But anyone who has been following this track knows that the English lyrics for it have changed several times since its release.  He’s performed the track in English in a few places since the Korean video dropped and there were changes each time.  This bears little resemblance to the versions we’ve seen online, but we admit the lines work together in this one better than the others.

This is the third single from Park’s newly released EP, Ask About Me, which came out today.  Oddly enough the songs where he’s solo are the best in the set (we called it);  Chosen1 or the title track would have made better singles than any of the ones we got.

Sidenote #1: We also would have loved an English verse from Sik-K to round things off.

Sidenote #2: We need a video for Million.