Bridget Kelly has made her comeback and it is everything that fans of the singer could have asked for.

There are two songs that we want to highlight because they stuck out to us for different reasons.

The first is In The Grey.  Kelly has one of those voices is easily identifiable thanks to its natural tone.  She has this kind of distinctive (for lack of a better word) whine to her voice that doesn’t come off as annoying and gives a lot of her tracks a quality all their own.  We would almost call it her head-voice, but we’re not entirely sure of that being the source.  Whatever it is, she utilizes it well by doing a strong, almost monotone vocal in the beginning before adding in dimension with short-run adlibs in the middle and an “amen chorus” backing vocal for color.

The production of the track, with the combination of the thumping bass and almost imperceptible acoustic guitar melody that takes a backseat to the rhythm on the verses, has a good sound.  Like a lot of her work, it balances elements of pop&B with rock for something that has a lot of soul and a little bit of edge.  It’s a good beat as it doesn’t come across as too generic and unmemorable but doesn’t overtake the singer with its sound.

The lyrics to this track are what really sell it.  Kelly is a solid songwriter and her skills are on display as she describes wanting clear word on what her relationship is to the man in question.  We really like the strength and straightforwardness of words she uses.  She’s not trying to ease into anything or phrase things in a way that sounds sweet and loving; she wants to know where she stands and she is prepared to act on whatever he says.  We like that she’s not trying to beg him to make her his girlfriend/wife, going instead for her own peace of mind.


The second track we fell in love with is Love You From A Distance.  While this is really more of an interlude and runs less than two minutes, the combination of Ro James and Kelly on this track is something that can’t be denied.

Over a seductive beat that joins well with the previous song thanks to it sharing similar elements in different combinations, the two sing about being the unfortunate circumstance of loving one another and, for whatever reason, not being able to be together.

The sadness in their tones is that bittersweet cherry on top of a beat that makes you think that this is going to be that kind of declarative love song where they say they’ll be together soon but will share their love from a distance.  There is resolve in there as well, which makes it all the more sad that they are resigned to this fate.  It’s interesting to hear Ro James take the deeper end of the dual harmony as Kelly provides the melody because we are so used to his beautiful tenor and more adlibs from him.  He makes his presence felt, though, and we couldn’t imagine this without him.

We want the rest of this; don’t know why they’re following Ledisi and Rahsaan Patterson and teasing us with goodness that before yanking it away.


Both of these track come from Kelly’s new album, Reality Bites, available from all digital outlets now.