Jade Novah is one of those singers that has the misfortune of having amazing talent that only seems to get recognized when she does covers of other people’s songs and/or antis want to use her beautiful voice to throw shade at the artists they hate-stan.  She deserves so much better than that and we are going to do our best to see she gets her due.

The vocals on this track are really solid, even if they are more subdued than what we were expecting.  Novah has drama in her blood and a lot of her vocals in the past have come with that sensibility in mind; beautiful adlibs, tantalizing runs, and perfect flourishes abound.  On All Blue you still get some of that, but she brings it down a little and keeps things in a kind of median range that doesn’t climb much from beginning until we reach the very end.  On this track, though, it really works because we have the backing harmonies picking up some of the slack and it allows you to focus in on her words more.

The production isn’t bad.  It doesn’t have the ability to stand on its own but it’s not so generic that you tune it out either.  It does its job by supporting the singer and giving good section switches when needed.  The old-school hip-hop feel help elevate it as well, making it stand out in a see of trap.

Something that we like about Novah is that she does have a lot of positivity in her original tracks.  Her first song was about showing the world what you can do and leaving your mark and this one is about allowing yourself to dream and pursue that ambition without people trying to hold you down.  She manages to balance being a dreamer with the reality that you have to try and put your best foot forward in a way that doesn’t dilute either message and really fills you with some perspective and joy.

This is a solid song for morning affirmations and just a feel-good joint in general.  Here’s hoping that this won’t be the last original piece we get from Novah this year because she deserves to have an EP or LP under her belt.

Sidenote: Ms. Novah thinks she’s slick marking this as her debut single; we haven’t forgotten this bop.