In our last update, we informed you guys that we are going to set up a unique streaming site for music through WordPress and are going to use Audiomack to supplement that on a limited basis.  We noticed that a lot of you have started following our new stream, but you may be disappointed that we haven’t posted nearly as prolifically as we used to.

Well, there’s a reason for that…and that reason is CJ E&M Music Content Division.

If you are a Kpop fan, you’ve heard of them.  If you’re a reaction fan, you’ve heard a lot about them recently as they have coming after YouTube reactors over the videos that had live stages in them (and some just the videos of their associated artists).  As much as our original stream closure seems to have been a glitch, it is a glitch that was exacerbated by the fact that we posted a CJ E&M artist that day and it set off a cascade that went after everything that we posted from the company in the past year.

Most of you are probably thinking that it all we have to do is avoid artists from this company and we can go about posting as we like (the big three and Big Hit have been very kind to us).  The problem is that this company now has its fingers in nearly every media company in South Korea.

We’re not joking about that either.  At one point, they were the distributors for YG and JYP Entertainment as well as Woollim, TS, Chrome and Cube (exclusively for CLC pre-Black Dress).  While those companies have either collapsed or found their other distributors, they still have a long list of associated companies including:

  • Amoeba Culture
  • AOMG
  • Feel Ghood Music
  • Fron+Desk
  • Ghood Life Crew
  • H1GHR Music
  • Hi-Lite Records
  • iHQ
  • Illionaire Records
  • Jellyfish Entertainment
  • Pledis Entertainment

They also hold the contracts for the following acts:

  • Wanna One
  • JBJ
  • SG Wannabe
  • Davichi
  • IN2IT
  • Eric Nam
  • Park Boram
  • Roy Kim
  • Heize

That is a long list of acts we could never post on…and we’ve already broken that rule by starting off with Vixx (Jellyfish Entertaiment).

So we’ve decided that, on occasion, we are going to take the risk.  When groups/soloists like Vixx, Jay Park, Heize, Dok2 release albums and EPs, we’re going to post them…but we’re no longer going to do one-off singles.  That draws too much attention to us.  That also means avoiding some of the less popular groups altogether.  You’ll just have to come to the dedicated streaming site where we WILL be able to do that thanks to videos and uploads to YouTube.

Thank you guys for patience.  We appreciate you sticking with us and we hope that you will continue on with us as we grow and change.


The Management