Ya’ll…it’s R&B Vixx!

Vixx is one of those groups that comes back with a new vibe just about every comeback.  The thing about this group is that, if you are paying attention, none of the moves they make come completely out of left field; we just don’t always know which part of themselves they’ll choose to highlight.  When they were much more into the epic music videos and concepts, they still brought other genres to the table to play.  So when we get a Dynamite or a Love Equation, even if we don’t care for the songs themselves, they still manage to very true to themselves.

This time they’ve put out some R&B with a twist of house for a couple of tracks.

This biggest letdown for this set, despite the fact that it’s not bad, is the production.  There are a lot of brilliant moments where the beatwork catches the listener’s attention and has them making the ugly face at how much the song goes.  There are other moments, though, where things trend more towards the generic and do a disservice to the overall vibe of things.

Luckily for them, the vocals and rapping elevate the tracks that threaten to slip into mediocrity.  We have joked in the past that this group seems to have eaten their CDs for breakfast whenever they do a live performance.  We hope when the first performances for this project drop come out that we feel the same way because the subtle movements on this are a wonder.  You can tell that everyone is coming in to give us some nice full group harmonies and then break off flawlessly for some solid layered sound.  It doesn’t sound like a studio job (where they take the same voices and put them over each other) and we are eager to see the faces of the members who are putting in some of that background work because they are really doing it.

The lead vocals are pretty solid as well.  It takes a lot to stand out from a good backing track and solid harmonies, but they manage to do it just fine.  Songs like Scentists and Circle are lush in sound from front to back and really show what each member of the group is capable of.  We’re not surprised at this because they rode to fame on their epic songs and they stood out just fine on those, but it’s nice to hear that they didn’t slack off just because the production wasn’t as full.

This may not be our favorite Vixx album (that honor still goes to Conception), but it is one we could see ourselves coming back to again, especially our designated favorites.  Vixx fans will have enough to sink their teeth into for the time being and newer fans might find this a good starting point before getting into the heavier stuff.

Our favorite tracks are Scentists, Escape, and Odd Sense.  The most skippable is Trigger.