If you took the survey from the last update, we appreciate you and we will be leaving that open so that post open and occasionally make it top our lists again to keep gauging you as an audience.  We wanted to update you on what we have decided to do about a streaming site based on the feedback we have at the moment.

The first thing we want to announce is that, by the end of the day today, all of our Audiomack content that had been featured on this site will have been replaced.  Some of it will be content from other Audiomack streamers, some of it will be from YouTube, and some will be exclusive to this site.  Please reach out to us if we missed something as there are the occasional mislabels in our search parameters and we want to get you the content you want.

The second thing we need to discuss is what we think is a misunderstanding of the requirements for websites to have a dedicated streaming site.  Unlimited space on a site like this is not free; we already pay yearly for the limited space (and other aspects of running a website) we have and it is a cost that, for the most part, is not recouped on our end.  We cannot make a free streaming site that brings you everything; as much as we love you guys, it’s just not worth the cost to us personally or the time it would take to maintain it.  Because of that, we have decided to go a different route that would allow us keep bringing you the music you love and help us keep our costs low.

The first is that we are opening a second Audiomack account.  That’s right; we’re going to try again.

Be aware that we are not going to be posting to this stream the way we did our previous one.  From what we can tell, part of the reason we were taken down is because we just started posting at the wrong time and ran into an odd combination of glitches and claims by one particular company.  We are going to keep things small only post some of the bigger, more recent releases (starting with Vixx…if it goes up) and are only going to put up things that we absolutely cannot get anywhere else.

The second thing that we are doing is creating a WordPress site that will be dedicated entirely to audio posts.  We’ll keep the reviews on this site but we know that some of you just want the music and not so much commentary.  It will also allow us to keep posting things we like but and are listening to but are not inspiring anything written from us.

This new site will open in about a month and will have the majority of what we posted on the old account along with things from the new account as well as any of our other streams from across the web.  The site will be private when it first opens, but will be accessible from this site.  After we are sure that everything works, we will open it up to everyone.

Thank you guys for hanging on.  We appreciate you sticking with us and we hope that you will continue on with us as we grow and change.


The Management