This is the first of what we hope is going to be a limited number of updates about how we are going to handle the loss of our Audiomack uploading ability and to get feedback from those who have only been with us through that site about what direction we’re going to take moving forward.

First thing we should let you know is that, now that 24 hours have passed, we are noticing that our uploads have not been taken down everywhere; we are still getting subscribers and likes on albums and songs that we can no longer see.  This means that the main reason our music was taken down is because we are based in the United States and are subject to the specific copyright laws of the country.  This gives us some ideas going forward but we have some logistics to figure out.

This also means there has been some confusion about what has happened to several of our listeners.  If you can still see the music where you are, that’s great but we can no longer update the stream on our end.  That means that, if you want new content, you’re going to have to come to this site for a while.

Secondly, we know that a lot of our Audiomack streamers are used to being able to open their apps and go about their business and that coming here has changed that.  We have good news on that front; there is a WordPress app.  To get a similar experience to the Audiomack app, simply install it, open an account, search our name (Kel & Mel Reviews), and follow us.  You will be able to see everything we post in your Reader Tab just like you could before.

Lastly, we do have some ideas about how to proceed going forward, but we need to know what it is that you all want from us.  Please fill out the survey below so that we can get a feel for which of our ideas will have the best returns for all of us.

Thanks to those of you who have stuck with us so far and we hope that this transition will be a short one.

The Management