BTS drops the special edition compilation of their monster “The Most Beautiful Moment in Life” EP set.  This features a reordered tracklist (per our observations of listening to both EPs back-to-back after the release of part 2), three new tracks, the full versions of the EPs’ outros, and serveral remixes of Run and I Need U.

The main attraction is three new tracks and the two full versions of partial ones.  We’ve already gotten to hear new tracks Young Forever and Fire, but the highlight of the new set is Save Me, a deliciously hip-pop track that showcases the best that this group is capable of by having an upbeat production, solid raps, and great vocals.

What turned out to be our absolute and unexpected favorite track in the set, though, is the full version of House Of Cards, the outro from the second EP.  The rappers take a step back and let the vocalists shine over a romantic and lush production.  The vocals are amazing, showing great depth and control that we really didn’t know this group was capable of.

If you don’t have either of these EPs yet, this is worth a get; if you have them both, the new tracks are worth a purchase of those tracks alone.  Good job, Bangtan!

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