Just when I think that they can’t impress me any more, they pull out something like this and make me think of them in an entirely new way.

Opting not to do a visual album (I appreciate it), the ladies give us a sample of what their new album, The Kids Are Alright, has to offer and…I am in love.  The thing that you will get from this is that are giving us something that is very much them; something that is made up of their own sound expanded out in as many directions as they can and varied enough to keep us engaged without losing us or

The vocals in this video alone are enough to make you melt.  The harmonies, the layering, the intrancing leads; they all mix for something that you can’t say you’re hearing from anyone else right now.  We can now even hear their divergence from their mentor (unless you listen to the full album, then Fake and the older tracks sound very much like something she would do) and them really coming into their own.  We especially love that Chloe seems to have found her unique vocal quality and it is a lot easier to separate her from her sister.  It offers a really good offset in the leads as well as in the harmonies and gives them a greater sound range overall.

Not that this is completely out of left field for the sisterly duo.  Their mixtape, The Two Of Us, had this similar vibe of fluctuating between the more epic style that they employ for songs like the title track and Grown but mixing it up with something a little more street for a track like (I Got Money) Everywhere.  This sampler has a similar vibe to it, but know that the sings are longer than they were on the mixtape, which turns out to be a good things because what you get here is only the beginning.  The biggest difference between the two projects is that you can tell they have grown as artists even in such a short period of time and the ideas that were just beginning there are in full bloom this time around.

The Kids Are Alright, Chloe x Halle’s first full-length album, is out now.  I’ve gotten a chance to listen to it a couple of times now and it is definitely worth a stream…if not a purchase.  If you like what you hear in this (somewhat of a) sampler, and add what they’ve already released, you already have a feel for what the album is like.  Support accordingly.