Sail on a sea of aural pleasure for 25 minutes.

You can still hear the influence of Beyoncé on their vocals, especially in the inflections (even when they speak) and background harmonies, but there is a major difference between this and Sugar Symphony and that’s the production and songwriting.  The ladies make it clear that they are writing their own songs for this and it very much sounds like it.  The phraseology is different and the imagery they use is surprisingly intricate at times and simple but fun at others.  The production is gorgeous and, if they are doing this themselves they need to branch out to work with other artists.  In sharp contrast to Lemonade, every song here has a distinct personality with a beat that could easily stand on its own.  The core sound connection is tribal, but they do a some things that are more pop and somethings that have a bit of a rock edge to them.  It is a lovely sonic journey.

As for the vocals…beautiful.  While we are still waiting for the girls to find their unique vocal styles, we are cool with them taking inspirations from their mentor.  And it is just inspirations because they do tone things down in places where Beyoncé would turn them up and vice versa.  As they grow as artists, they are going to be a force to be reckoned with.

We got the tracklist and approximate times from Pacifism on YouTube.

1. Used to Love (00:00)
2. Forbidden Fruit (1:24)
3. Eyes (3:13)
4. Poppy Flower (3:48)
5. Wonder (6:34)
6. Friendships (7:25)
7. Worry (8:57)
8. Upset Stomach (10:34)
9. Too Complex (12:51)
10. Simple (13:11)
11. Gone (14:57)
12. All I Ever Wanted [Happiness] (16:19)
13. Fly Away (17:00)
14. Working (19:13)
15. Lucky Leap (21:42)
16. Lullaby (23:40)