A Wrinkle In Time hits theaters tomorrow (March 9), so getting another taste of the soundtrack thanks to a visual from our favorite twins-not-twins, Chloe x Halle.

We weren’t expecting the song to sound like this just because of the nature of the film, but it does fit right in with the sound that the ladies have developed for themselves.  There is that epicness that has come to be a feature on a lot of their tracks.  The simpleness of drums and a few melody instruments seems like it should make things dull, but the track changes up the concentration of the elements and their arrangement at just the right times to keep the excitement building and the track moving.  The inclusion of a kind of choral background and what sounds like tribal rhythms also helps lift the spirit of the listener and gives some strong personality.  The overall tone comes across as a kind of urban folk and is gloriously unique.

The vocals are lovely and well-layered to give a fullness that can be deceptive considering the simplicity of the production–stable of the duo.  The way that they have worked the backing vocals, the harmonies, and leads together creates a ribbon that just flows from one section to another.  Once they start singing, the sections barely break and they barely seem to take breath between lines.  The effect is haunting and does somewhat mess with your sense of timing as the conventional wisdom is for there to be at least two beats between a chorus and a bridge or a verse and chorus.

The lyrics are strong and have a poetic construction to them.  You get the gist of everything, that they ladies (and the lead of the movie) are willing to fight for and to see the ones they love, but they do the smart thing and do more than say that right out, keeping things from becoming dull and making you really focus in on what they are saying.

Between the song itself and clips of the movie in the visual, we’re just as excited to see this as we were Black Panther.

Besides appearing on the soundtrack, Chloe x Halle are also dropping their debut album, The Kids Are Alright, on March 23.  The project will feature this track, the title track, Grown from Grown-ish, and Fall and Drop from their EP, Sugar Symphony.