The decision on whether to post this came down to deciding between our love for Anderson .Paak and FKA Twigs and the fact that this is a commercial for HomePod.  You can see which one won out.

If there is one thing that you can say about .Paak it’s that he can never be pigeonholed but nothing comes out of the blue, either.  The throwback elements mixed with neo-soul and deep house are stables of the singer/rapper’s repertoire but it’s interesting to hear them combined like this.  The pulsing and light beat over the chorus and instrumental breaks are very different than the soulfulness of the initial verse, but they combine well and the bridge between them is so flawless that the escalation seem natural and the transition is coming at you even before it hits.

His vocals are very subdued in what seems like space for the production to work and the visual to take hold.  He manages to keep things interesting with that hint of rasp in his voice and a kind of soothing sweetness that makes the themes of the song work and transitions in the video between the before and after mesh that much better.

The lyrics are strong despite not being a huge feature of the short vignette.  Speaking on just enjoying the time he has with someone and not laying out any expectations about where things or going or trying to force something that isn’t working.  It is an incredibly laidback sentiment and comes across genuinely instead of trying to hit a girl up for a one-nighter and letting her know in the middle of it he’s not about that continued contact.

As for the visual, .Paak doesn’t appear in it but that ultimately doesn’t matter because we get an excellent dance performance from FKA Twigs.  While she might be more visually toned-down than we’ve seen her in the past few years, it in no way dulls the impact of the moves she lays down.  The Spike Jonze-directed visual also does a good job of taking us from the feeling of humdrum rundown to relaxation and revitalization.