The Bailey sisters return with a deceptively ethereal single about optimism.

If you’re aware of these young ladies, it’s probably due to their connection to their label head, Beyoncé.  The gained a lot of attention for their cover of Pretty Hurts and managed to solidify it with the outstanding Drop once they were signed.

Six months later, we are now getting Fall, a beautiful ballad about taking life as it comes and seeing the best in everything that happens.  A piano ballad that really allows them to show of their vocals, this song is one of those that is deceptive in its tone, giving the impression that it’s going to be a tear-jerker.  Instead, the slow pace allows the listener to focus in on what they’re saying and wraps you in a cocoon of odd happiness for its brief duration.

The song is very lovely, but you can very much tell that Beyoncé is their mentor as their music does sound like some of the singer’s better tracks and the visuals are very much in her style.  Halle especially sounds a lot like her, taking on her inflections when she wants to punctuate a line or adlib.  Luckily, they are barely out of their teens and will slowly come into their own artistic vision very soon.  From the looks of where they’re starting, it’s going to set the world on fire.

Sugar Symphony, their debut EP, is out now.