Once you saw the tracklist and the video for Daydream, you really couldn’t be surprised that J-Hope was planing on giving us a visual for Airplane, too.  The biggest surprise was that it came so quickly.  The fact that this is one of our favorite tracks from his new mixtape just makes it all that much more a treat.

There is something about the rippling melody of this track that is just perfect for the theme.  Something about the distorted sound makes you think about clouds and flying high, but the fact that it is placed under the bass in terms of volume gives you that feeling of a plane breaking the sound barrier while you’re on it; you recognize the presence of a consistent sound but it doesn’t overwhelm you or overtake other sounds around you.

We really like his flows for this one.  He keeps switching it up for every change in part with the only real consistency coming from the chorus.  On some tracks, this can be disconcerting, but the short length and the subdued nature of the beatwork gives him a lot more space to work than something that was more bombastic would.

The lyrics are good.  While it appears that J-Hope doesn’t go in for as much wordplay (at least, from an English-speaker’s perspective) than some other rappers, he does have a knack for progression and storytelling that a focus on punchlines and witticisms doesn’t always allow for.  Because of that, you can always get what he’s trying to tell you (in this case, about his come-up in the world and his gratitude about it) and get an emotional connection to it even if some of the metaphors might meet cultural barriers.

As for the visual, we like how it somewhat ties into the aesthetic he had for Daydream but with more real world imagery, making the clear difference between his fantasies and his reality but also showing just how much the two of them are now the same.

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