If there is one thing we can say about Sammie is that, despite his prolific output at times (three projects in the past year alone), he manages to maintain a certain amount of quality to his music.  Even when you can tell that he’s putting things out there to keep interest in him up, you can’t say that the music is bad by any stretch.

This feels like a filler project of sorts; a way for the artist to keep his fans engaged and keep his numbers up on streaming services while he preps the next full project that is meant for wider consumption.  The reason we say this is that the songs in this set seem a somewhat incomplete in some way.  Either they seem to run a little short–like the first two tracks–or the production and vocals seem off in a way that comes across as “work in progress.”  For most artists, this would be the kiss a death for something like this, but Sammie manages to make it work by, even in moments where he may not be going in the hardest, still giving good vocals and his lyrics still come across as genuine and well-crafted.

The two most complete tracks in this set are Get Right and Different, which come across more as final versions of the songs that they are than the others.  The production for them, while maybe not the strongest, is a good fit for the mood and themes, the lyrics seem flushed out, and the vocals are strong and well rounded.  Most of all, his vocals are on point throughout them, feeling a little more worked on in places thanks to the adlibs and the most consistent volume across the track.  The worst you can say about them is that there is a desire for the backing harmonies to be fuller at times.

While this isn’t the best project that Sammie has dropped on us, it is still worth a few listens.  It probably won’t make any long-term playlists, but it has some good tracks that we would love to see brought back after some more work is done on them.

If this doesn’t satiate your appetite for Sammie music, check out his Coming Of Age album, which  came out about six months ago and was pretty good but we just couldn’t find anything to say about it that warranted a review.

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