Two of our favorite rapper/dancers from The 7th Sense are proving themselves triple threats with the addition of vocals.

We already had a hint that there was more than a rapper to Ten when he put out Dream In A Dream, but he shows us here that there is lot more to his ability than just the causal singing of a hook.  While we’ll say that the vocals here are not the most in-depth thank to the type of song this is (more focused on vibe and dancability), this does make us more amenable to him giving us a full-voiced track in the future.

Taeyong came through with the whisper and the raps, but his brief section of singing was actually a surprise.  We’ve seen him featured on other artists’ tracks before, but we’ve never gotten any hint that there might be a vocalist in there.  His tone isn’t as strong as Ten’s but he does have solid grasp on the notes and a charismatic delivery.  He might have something else up his sleeve for us in the future.

The production of the track is probably the strongest aspect, thanks to the skittering backbeat and the minimal melody that comes in and fades out at just the right moments.  In some ways, we actually understand why the harmonies were pushed less than previous NCT U track; the combination of a robust backing vocal, the solo, the rap, adlibs, and the production would have been too much and the song would have derailed before a minute in.  This way, you still get a good track even it it’s not something that you would necessarily listen to over a track like Boss or Limitless.

As for the visual, if you follow us on Twitter you know that we actually saw the live stage before the video thanks to a really good fancam (STOP TOUCHING YOUR CROTCH, TAEYONG!).  We, personally, have a preference for this group whenever they give us full choreo, but the official video is well shot and offers some nice scenes as well…along with some casual fangirl murder around 2:02.

We’ll try to have lyrics for you soon, but there has been a hesitation to put out translations for the NCT U singles before the album comes out.  Updates will come as they can.