Don’t ever let anyone tell you that R&B is dead because there are always new voices out there and J Lynn The Bride is one that needs to put in front of a microphone.

J Lynn has a very strong voice that she has a demonstrable amount of control over.  There are a lot of moments when she goes in for the fine-point adlib that a lot of singers would have either whispered it or belted it out, but she manages to control the volume while also bringing in just a little bit whine to highlight the emotion of the moment.  Her leads are nicely done, with moments where she expertly rides just above the music in terms of thrust and, other times, coming in with her own melody that runs somewhat counter to the beatwork to play with it and our expectations.  The harmonies are deliciously lush and really add depth to the production in interesting ways.  It is clear that J Lynn is probably doing most of the vocals herself as the melding of all voices is just a little too perfect for this to be several people.

The production of the tracks is rich and varied.  You get a nice balance of slower and mid-tempo tracks with a couple of them having enough thump to make them a good fit of some dancefloors.  There is cohesion throughout the project thanks to the instrumentation that switches in style are not jarring and feel appropriate to keep you engaged.  While some might lament the absence of faster tracks, the don’t really feel like they would have fit well here and you don’t necessarily notice their absence.

If there is one downside to this EP is that, at times, the songs can feel incomplete because the of the repetition of the hooks.  There is enough content to fill out the tracks (with the exception of Risk It All), but the single/double lines that come at you multiple times–especially towards the end of the tracks–can make it feel like she ran out of things to say.  This in no way kills the overall vibe of the project, but it is something you will notice if they aren’t listening closely.

All in all, this a strong recommendation.  If you are looking for something that has a little more of a timeless feel, has a nice dose of maturity, and steps away from the proliferation of trap on the radio, this is the one for you.  You will fall in love and wonder why you didn’t find out about this woman sooner.

To get a taste of what she has in store for you on her freelease, check out her lead single Misbehavin’.  Click the button below the player to head over to the download.