Oh wow…this is beautiful.

We haven’t heard much from Ten since he debuted in NCT U and then promptly disappeared amongst all the different sub-unit shuffles.  I was beginning to wonder what had happened to the Thai hottie.

And then he shows up with this.

There’s no information as of yet about the producer of the single (in English), but we have a sneaking suspicion that, besides providing the limited vocals, he may have actually produced this track with its lovely se melody and slightly hip-hop beat.  That is the only reason we can see actually attaching his name to this…if it weren’t for the video.

The instrumental is great on its own but the visual…damn.  Implementing choreography that is a combination of ballet, martial arts, and hip-hop, Ten is mesmerizing as he commands the stage for the fill legnth of the song.  His movements are fluid and are mixture of power and grace in motion.  We loved how he performed the steps for The 7th Sense, but this is wonderful and so unexpected.  We can’t stop watching it.

There’s nothing to translate in this video, so just click play and enjoy.