Jay Park is a busy man…so busy that we didn’t get the annual album of bops that have come at the end of the year in 2017.  We get it though; he’s running two label, making tracks for his sponsorships, collaborating with Charlie XCX, schmoozing at the RocNation Brunch before the Grammy Awards, and generally just putting in that work.  We are just happy that he took time away from the judging duties of another one of his jobs to hop up on stage and give us this.

First performing this track on Asia’s Got Talent, the mogul has decided that it needed an official video for the fans.  The EDM production of this track took us aback as the singer has stayed very much in the R&B and hip-hop range for the last few years, but it was somewhat a refreshing change for him.  Yultron formulated something that fit his tenor tone without making it sound to monotonous with the beat repetitions.  The Indian musical inserts are a nice touch and give the sound overall more life and gives it an air of familiarity similar to Me Like Yuh without being a repeat.

Park does have a good amount of energy for this track.  His upper register notes can get a little light, but he still manages to entrance with his vocals.  It can be hard for a man with a tenor range like his to bring in the confidence to make a song convincing a woman to have a one-night stand not sound…whiny, but he does it every time and this track, especially, banks on his love-’em-and-leave-’em credentials.

While this isn’t something we would play all the time, this is a nice additions to the Park Jae Bum playlist between the pop tracks and the babymakers.  Let’s just hope there’s more to come and he’s not going to leave us hanging for too much longer.

No translation necessary; it’s all in English.