We are here for all things BoA.

With her Japanese comeback album just over the horizon (February 14) and Jazzclub already setting the tone, the Korean Queen of the Asian Music Scene brings us a throwback bop to assure us that the world still has a lot of goodness in it.

This is so much a BoA song.  You can compare this to songs on My Name or Outgrow and you can really hear how they stack up against them.  The thing about this, though, is that it takes out some of the more date Kpop elements of the time and goes for something a little more minimal and a lot less synthy.  The effect is very noticeable and gives the song more of a timeless feel than it might have had if she had done something purely from the late nineties.

Her vocals really impressed us.  She still has some of the youthful exuberance but you can really hear her maturity in the lower register of this track.  There is a bold, long note that comes in right before the end that really shows what her voice is capable of now and we can’t wait to hear more songs like this that allow her to show that part of herself off.  While her rapping is probably the weakest part of the whole thing, it’s not so cringey or off-theme that you want to stop listening to the song (and she doesn’t do it that long, either).

As for the visual, she looks great.  The hair may get some complaints, but it looks good and doesn’t seem like tone-def cosplay as much as it does an homage to the style of video she’s doing and the era the song reflects.  You get a lot of looks and different sets and, of course, that signature BoA choreography that makes everyone out there have to step their game up.

And, of course, she killed the live stage.

We’ll bring you a translation as soon as possible.