Almost nothing beats a good Christmas love song and Tiffany Evans has thrown her hat into the ring with one of the better ones to be released this year.

One of the reasons that we like this track so much is that it is this close to being an acapella track with the minimal instrumentation and consistent and filling harmonies.  The decision to add some bass and some snaps along with the sleigh bells and piano was a smart one; there isn’t quite enough of the human element to make this work without it.  Still, we would love to hear this flushed out to full acapella at some point just to get the little bit extra that we now Evans can give us.

Evans does a beautiful job leading this track as well.  She has a very powerful voice, but her control of volume and thrust are expert and she matches the mood with her delivery perfectly.  Her sliding up and down the scale in a more melodic version of trap is a good one and it really works with the harmonies in a way that a monotone performance wouldn’t have.  Her adlibs make the moments that could have been downtime work a lot better and she connects with the emotion of the theme without it sounding flighty or too cutesy.

The lyrics are really solid.  Counter to Dru Hill’s track, this one has the winter and Christmas themes running throughout and don’t feel tacked on to a non-holiday track to make it work for the season.  The metaphors are relatable but not too overdone or cliche, which makes you focus in on what is being said and makes this that much more memorable.

The one downside is that it does seem to run out of steam before the end with the last minute or so consisting primarily of vocals that are meant to fill up the runtime.  It doesn’t kill the song outright, but it does detract from the momentum that it builds up before it reaches that point.

Still, this is a good track and is perfect for the slow dance at the Christmas party this year.  Worth a few listens and an add to the yearly playlist.

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