Say what you want about the separate members of Dru Hill, when they come together they make some beautiful music.

The production here is top notch and goes a long way for helping to set the tone for the track to come.  One of the things that really stuck out to us is that they only add small sound effects to mark this as a Christmas track aside from the lyrics (more on them later).  There is much more an R&B vibe to this one and it has a smoothness to it that lets it drift, at times, over into jazz with the undertones and muted horns that sting in just the right places.

The harmonies and backing vocals are just as big a star as the lead vocals on this one.  While they are far less prominent in most places than they might be on other songs, they do a lot for adding to flush out an already lush beat.  The ebb and flow between the single backing vocals and a full group one is perfect and gives the lead singers time to shine at one moment and support at others.  The solo parts work just as well as they did when the group first premiered–and that’s saying something considering they have a (somewhat) new member.

The lyrics are an interesting thing.  If you listen only through the first verse, nothing there will tell you that this is meant to be a holiday track; the Christmas illusions don’t start to come in until the chorus and second verse.  We have a suspicion that this was not originally meant to be a Christmas track but we still think they work because they made it work and the holiday references don’t feel shoehorned in to fit a theme.

This track comes from the group’s new Christmas-themed album, Christmas In Baltimore, out now.