It makes sense that we would like this because the singer dropped another of our favorite holiday tracks (that you can hear in one of our Christmas playlists).  This one falls more into the babymaker Christmas jam territory than the previous one, but we love the sound of it and it really does work to warm you up on a cold, winter’s night.

The vocals on this track are some of the best that the singer has laid down in a while.  Bobby V. singing style can be pretty hit or miss with some people because there can be somewhat of a whine in his performance when the register gets on the higher side.  This track not only shows how the singer has matured in his style, but also how he has come to control his tone and what octaves make him sound the best.  The lower register delivery serves him and the track well as it gives him a seductive yet vulnerable tone that we don’t always get from more modern male singers.

The lyrics are pretty average in terms of writing.  The Christmas motif stays throughout and doesn’t seem like an afterthought, but the lines can be pretty cliche at times, making them somewhat unmemorable.  The listenability of this track does kind of depend on the vibe you get from it, but the lyrics aren’t so bad or disjointed that listening closely will ruin the experience.

That vibe is highlighted by the production.  Most of the track can be seen as a classic kind of R&B track that has a swaying melody and seductive lower motes to help balance it out with some sexy, but the last 30 seconds slides in some solid jazz adlibbing and really makes you sit up and take notice.  We hate that moment comes so close to the end as it feels like the song is just getting started and then it’s over.

Personal life aside, Bobby V always has the potential to make good music…even if he doesn’t always live up to it.  The last five years since the release of Peach Moon has been him trying to jump back into more mainstream music and, more often than not, missing the mark.  He has a voice that is meant more for this kind of R&B and mid-tempo love jams than trap&B tracks that sound like watered down versions of things that are already out there.  If this is an indication of where he plans to go from here, we would be happier than you know…we just aren’t holding our breath about it.