We’ve seen the fancams that came out of this event, but seeing it in full HD was worth the wait!

After giving us a sneak preview of this last week, Jimmy Kimmel Live! decided not air the full mini-concert (understandable; it would have taken up half of his airtime) and only show the biggest hits.  Luckily for the ARMY, YouTube exists and the showmasters did put this video up for us all to enjoy.

They performed Go-Go, Save Me, I Need U, and Fire and they did a really good job despite the fact that–again–the backtracking was up too loud.  I can still hear the leads just fine and, ultimately, they performed their hearts out. We’re also glad that the clothing choices went better with these tracks than the performance of Blood, Sweat and Tears.

It looks like the crowd is a little low energy for some of the older tracks.  We are aware that the fanchants were edited out the broadcast performances and may have been here as well, so it’s hard to say just how into things those in attendance actually were.