We love love…especially when it gets us good music.

Timothy Bloom and V. Bozeman are not only a darling couple, they are also amazing vocalists.  We wondered if we would get a joint album from them at some point and they decided to grace us with a soulful Christmas EP that is giving us all kinds of new-age Ashford and Simpson feels.  You aren’t going to find anything that will necessarily get you hype, but you will find a lot to feed that part of you that will make your head nod and your hips swerve along.

There is also a something very “Black” about this set.  Despite the name, we weren’t really expecting the feeling of going over to Big Mama’s house and getting the whiff of collard greens and roasted chicken outside the door.  It is rare for an EP to capture in its intros the feeling of growing up and hearing all the crazy things that get said in a houseful of people and realize that all of it comes from a place of love despite the words being said.

And thier remake of Baby It’s Cold Outside surprised us.  We love the version by Ray Charles and Betty Carter and this one comes a close second thanks to the more upbeat production and almost playful (instead of seductive) way that they deliver the vocals.

And, of course, Ghetto Christmas struck us in our souls because it is an experience that so many people do know instead of the silent, happy Christmas mornings.  It is a risk to put something so sobering on a set that is otherwise happy, but it fits in well and reminds some of us that we have it a lot better than we think even if we don’t get exactly what we want on Christmas Day.

Give this a chance; you will find yourself loving it as much as we do.