Despite the fact that they have left the country, BTS is still out here trying to takeover the world…and the next phase of their plan is the chat show circuit.  Dropping into The Ellen Show before they blasted off after the AMAs, the group sat down for a brief interview, some fan questions, and a couple of performance to get the crowd hype.

We won’t say that these are our favorite performances of theirs–the backtracking is too loud and the stage is far too small–but we still enjoy it because they show themselves to be concimate professionals.  There is no way that either the DNA or MIC Drop choreo should have worked in the confines that they were given, but they still managed to pull it off without it looking sloppy.  Even the transitions looked okay despite being on camera.

As for the singing and rapping, we wish that the mics were louder but we could hear them and they sounded good (just a little tired, probably).  Abd while we also wanted them to surprise us with a little Dimple just for the American audience, we are always happy to see the hits.


MIC Drop