Okay, Jackson!

We’ll admit after Papillon we weren’t exactly sure what to expect from Jackson Wang.  The song itself wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t really anything that we were rushing to hear again.  But this track…this is going to have us wearing out the replay button.

This is the kind of track that is meant for Jackson.  One of the things that, we think, has hindered him in the past for his solo tracks is the choices in production.  While he has that gruff and brash delivery style to both his singing and rapping verses, he tends to pick beats that it doesn’t always work with.  He needs something that gives him center focus and this track does that in spades.  We are easily able to enjoy the underlying beatwork while still feeling that we would not like it as much without his presence.

The mixture of English and (we’re assuming) Cantonese is a nice touch.  Over the past year we’ve seen some good–and very bad–examples of bilingual rapping from our favorite CJKpop stars and this one definitely belongs in the former group.  The switch-off between the two is seamless to the point that it takes your brain a second to catch up.  His pronunciation is near flawless and he absolutely owns every section and word with the way he lays out his flow and vocals.

It looks like this is only going to be a single instead of a full fledged album and that actually has us disappointed right now.  If we can get six or seven more tracks like this, Jackson could easily become our bias-wrecker for GOT7 in terms of how much we ache for a solo.

We’ll bring you a translation as soon as we can.