Take us back, Keyshia!

In one of the two last releases before the official release of her album, Keyshia Cole comes with a meaningful nostalgia bomb that will blow up your speakers with its goodness.

Anyone who has been a fan of hers since the beginning of her career will immediately recognize the sound of this track.  This falls very much in line with the music she did for her first three album and, more sporadically, on her fourth and fifth.  It’s got that good bass backdrop that keeps you rocking, but has some strong upfront melodies that give her a weird harmony effect at times on the bridges and before the support vocals come in.  It feels very early 2000s without feeling dated; it feels classic.

The vocals are solid.  She still gives you that engaged performance that has her giving you good runs and emphasis with solid adlibs, but there is something more subdued about this time around and, thankfully, it fits the track.  She never sounds bored, but she does sound comforting in a way that some of songs about stressing her love for someone or her independence from someone do not.  The kind of strength she gives on this track is the quiet kind and her tone reflects that.

Just like on her last single, Cole shows that she still has the pen to write songs for herself as this track does something that the ride-or-die, why-don’t-you-see-I-love-you tracks usually don’t do–emphasis the emotional support and friendship angles that have to come with the sexual and romantic parts to make things really work.  This doesn’t surprise us as the songstress has really been through it in her personal life and has come out of it more assertive about what she wants from a significant other in terms of the support they offer.

If she is offering more of this on her new album, we are really eager to hear the rest of it.

Surprisingly Cole’s album, 11:11 Reset, isn’t coming out in November but is expected this Friday (October 20).  It will contain this track, the companion single Vault, the somewhat unimpressive You, and the great Incapable.  You can pre-order it now.