Do we even have to say how much we love H.E.R.?  Between the songwriting, the vocals, and (as we have recently discovered) the production chops, she is coming for everyone in the industry simply by being talented…and we stan talent.  Her latest track comes as the singer kicks of her The Lights On Tour and prepares to drop her new EP, H.E.R., Vol. 2 – The B-Sides, in a few days.

The pseudo-flamenco beat is a good fit for the track as it gives good support the singer’s voice, but also jazzes things up a bit, making this one of the few more up-tempo tracks in her discography.  The happiness in the overall tone of the track rubs right up against the truth smackdown in the lyrics, and the full brunt of the song can hit you out of nowhere thanks to having such a strong beat as an opener.

The writing on this is impeccable in a way that you don’t always see with a revenge track.  The words are psychological in their impact and really cut to the core of the person she’s talking to.  The line Could have screamed at you for hours/Instead I was screaming somebody else’s name is so savage and yet delivered in such a matter-of-fact way that you can’t help but respect it.  You get the feeling that she is fed up with her main guy and has been for a long time, so this is all coming in order to let him know, before she walks away, that he got away with nothing and he wasn’t alone in the games.

The vocals are also deceptive in their sweetness, but the seductive undertones really do fit and help bridge the gap in tone.  There are moments when she threatens to fall under the beat thanks to the softness of her delivery, but it never happens and you get the feeling this is someone who is relishing what she is doing to the person she’s talking to.

If you already like H.E.R., you already pre-ordering The B-Sides but, if you’re on the fence, we will say that the duet between her and Daniel Caesar from his Freudian album is also included in this set, making 2 and that track worth the $5 price tag.