Keyshia Cole is going to have to work to get back some of the fans she lost as her music began to slide away from what they considered her best and this new single just might be the thing that does it.

Incapable is one of those signature Cole ballads, in the same vein as So Impossible or Heaven Sent; it starts off slow and builds on the power of her vocals and she really gets into it.  The throwback production does a good job of supporting her tone and letting her really belt it out by not trying to compete and making the track too busy.  The singer sounds invested in this in a way that she hasn’t in a long time and that connection to material pours through the speakers and brings the listener along.

This track is also aided by the fact that she still has that pen game that made her a songwriter supreme.  Even on her worsts songs, you can never really deny that they are still pretty well written.  While they may not shine like her best work, she still gets her point across in a way that feels authentic to her and manages to simplify a concept without making it simple.  Incapable comes across as relatable as many of her fan favorites because it sounds like it could have come out of your diary.

This is the first single(?) off the singer’s upcoming album, 11:11 Reset.  No official word on the released date, but we can guess based on the title.