It’s been a little rough out here for Keyshia Cole.  Her first two album were great and the third was no bad shakes either, but she seemed to lose some of the magic in her pen as her personal life took a hit.  Now she is trying to make her way back to form after a long hiatus because of leaving one label, being independent for a while, and signing to Epic Records.

We don’t know if this is it.

Over a dark but melodic beat that uses the opening notes from PM Dawn’s I’d Die Without You as a sample, Cole teams up with rappers French Montana and Remy Ma to tell a soon-to-be ex that the reason it’s about to be over is that he/she just doesn’t measure up and do right.

The best part of the track is Remy Ma, who steals the show with her lowkey but assertive flow and keeps you engaged for the brief period she has the lead.  French Montana also does a good job as his punchlines are pretty good.  Cole doesn’t sound bad on the track, just unenthusiastic.  She also has a pretty minimal presence here, having only one verse and the chorus, for this to be her track.  There also sounds like there’s some kind of vocal effect that makes it sound like her voice is somewhat unsteady in places.

It’s not an awful track, but it doesn’t feel like lead single material either.