So…when this collaboration was announced, we didn’t have high hopes.  Kris Wu has been on a kind of Travis Scott kick ever since he went solo and Scott’s own albums, undiluted by the influence of different music predilections, can be a little much for the average listener.  This had so much potential to be a disaster.

We have never been so happy to be wrong about something; this song is great.

While people who are not into trap are going to find this one to skip, those who do like the style or just solid hip-pop in general are going to like this.  This just a little Jay Park while still sticking with what Wu has been doing over the past 18 months.  Scott adds himself to this by, surprisingly enough, brightening the track with a much more bouncy bassline while still keeping things from getting to pop by bottoming out the rest of the lows as far as possible, giving things a nice rumble.

The lyrics, while nothing amazing, do have a good flow to them and make sense all the way through.  There is just enough metaphor and illusion here to keep things interesting and let people draw their own conclusion as to what the song is about (most of us will come to the same conclusion, but it gives some leeway).

The vocals are what really sold this for us.  Some of Kris Wu’s recent tracks have been so heavily drenched in autotune, that it has been kind of hard to enjoy them due to the robotic sound.  Scott did his thing as producer and really cleaned that part up; making the vocals more distinguishable from one another as well as working to maintain some of Wu’s natural tone to give the song some personality.

This is just as addictive as July and has found itself on a few of our playlists since it came out.  We could stand for Wu to give us more of this.

No need for translations; it’s all in English.