With production that sounds like it came from Hermitude (you might recognize their song, The Buzz, from Samsung Gear commercials), Kris Wu comes with a track that just has that vibe…despite not being the best in terms of separate parts.

The reason we say this is because, like a lot of guilty pleasure tracks, the reason you like it because of the mood it evokes with the overall sound.  The beat is great with its own, having dynamic flow of switching segments while still being pretty lowkey in overall tone.  The lyrics, though, are pretty basic with the sung parts being repetitive and not bringing anything new to the “I want to spend all my time with you, baby” table.

There’s also too much autotune on Wu’s voice.  We know that he can sing thanks to his time with EXO, but we get the feeling that the autotune might have been used to cover any lingering accent.  Wu spent time in Canada during his formative years, so he speaks pretty fluent English; but this is something we see with a lot of the Asian artists who try to market to overseas English speakers.

Despite all that, though, it just sounds right.  It’s like floating on a cushion of aural goodness for three minutes.  It likely won’t make it past the season in terms of memorability and is probably not worth buying, but it’s a worth a few listens for the experience alone.