It feels like it’s been a minute since we heard from AraabMUZIK (it hasn’t been; Dream World came out last year) and we couldn’t have been more excited when this popped up in our notifications.

One Of One is an instrumental EP that features the still young producer doing his thing; giving us some nice sounds that yearn to be rhymed over by an emcee that knows how to caress a beat.  After about 30 seconds of each track, you will already start coming up with names that should have it as a base for a new track and dreaming of the possibilities.

One thing about the producer that, while he is known for his amazing drumboard work and kinetic style, he is always ready to smooth it out and really take the listener for a ride.  This EP seems to do a good job of slowing things down without losing any of the much needed energy that keeps hip-hop flowing.  Most of the tracks have an Arabic core to them that expands outward into something unique (not unusual for him, but still worth noting) and mood-making so, by the time the EP ends, you find yourself in a different place because of the space it puts your head in.

Our favorite tracks are Choir, The Planets, and Wanted.  The most skippable is Disco.