Now this is what we’re talking about!

About ten days ago we posted up about a couple of June’s Diary tracks that had surfaced from their song vault via fan accounts and lamented that we wished the group would do their own drop in the wake of them…and then they did it!  This isn’t a song that came out of the blue either.  The group has teased us with a snippet on SnapChat back in January.  It was one of those things that sounded like it had so much potential and just seemed to fade away.  We’re glad that they resurrected it because we like this bop.

Starting of with the sung melody from Missy Elliott’s Beep Me 911 before transitioning into their own style, the ladies tell an ex looking to makeup and rebound that they know the reason is because of that good good.  The vocals are strong on this track.  One of the things that we really like about June’s Diary is that they give us full group harmony on every song and this is no exception.  You would think that the bouncy rhythm and slightly up-tempo beat would lend to them focusing more on the solos, but they still come with rich full tone as a group while wowing with good individual runs and adlibs.

The production on the track is solid.  Based on the title, we were expecting something a little slower and sexy, but this is very danceable.  While it’s not the kind of beat that can stand on its own because of the minimal transitions and fairly generic instrumentation, it does do it’s job and provide good support for the vocals.  The bass comes in at the right moments to provide a bottom for the higher vocals and it doesn’t overwhelm the song be insisting on itself.

One of the things that we really like about this track is that it is made explicitly clear in the last bridge/breakdown that what is about to happen is purely sexual and that the members are not looking for a rekindling of a long, lost love affair.  From the context of the song, you could surmise that this man actually walked out on the ladies after cheating and that he has had a falling out with the other woman.  The fact that they are getting in their “I told you so” while not welcoming him back with open arms as if nothing has changed is refreshing and realistic.

No word yet as to whether this is the start of promotion for an original material EP, freelease, or album.  All we can say is that we are glad that a reversal of fortune didn’t keep this group down forever and we want to hear more.