This EP came out about a month ago, but we saved it until now because it fits the seasonal mood just right.

Don’t get us wrong; there  is a definite summer vibe to this project, but there is something about the infusions of R&B and jazz that take it into the summer/fall transition period and sets the mood just right for those slightly cooler days around early morning or sunset.  The style feels a continuation of Interlude in a lot of ways thanks to the mashup of styles, but is far more focused on Crush’s contribution than that of the contributors and doesn’t contain any lull moments.

While Crush does drop some rhymes a la 9 To 5, the vast majority of this has him using his more traditional singing voice and gentle tone to give a zoning type of feel to all the tracks.  He pulls you in with the gentleness of his tone while not being so lacking in energy that he makes the thump of the tracks feel misused.  He lays on the adlibs at just the right place and those runs–those runs–show that he is able to really give it to you if he wants to.

There is a focus on all three tracks that has been somewhat absent since the end of Crush/T and he seems to be timed with the formation of FanxyChild (or Fanxy Child), showing the singer does a little better when he has someone to bounce ideas off of.