It’s Crush day here at Kel & Mel.

What the hell is going on is going on in this video?

From Crush’s new EP is 9 to 5, a brag track where crush lets us know just how hard he grinds it out and just how hard it will be for imitators to surpass him.  As we said in our review of the EP, Crush’s rap verse is the lame side, with the lyrics being very scattershot in their meaning.  Gaeko more than makes up for it his fiery verse more than makes up for it, though, and Crush’s sung section are strong despite the use of autotune.  The trap-style production overlaid with more lush melodies to fill out the empty spaces is great and will serve to draw in an audience that can find the monotony of trap production and more subtle vocals flourishes on the boring side.

The combination of factors should absolutely make us lukewarm to this song, but there is something about the sound that just draws you in.  We ended up choosing it as one of our favorites from the set.

Click the [CC] button in the player to see the translated lyrics.