It’s Crush Day here at Kel & Mel and, of course, we couldn’t resist giving you the entire EP for your consumption.

Based on what we got when Oasis dropped, this is not exactly the direction that we expected Crush to go in musically…not that we mind.  Splitting from longtime collaborator Zion.T (after he joined YG Entertainment) and joining up with newcomer DΞΔN ‘s Club Eskimo, the singer marries the hop&B sound that he displayed on his last single with a more mellow sound that borders on jazzy.

All the songs are accompanied by strong vocals, though 9 to 5 is probably the least melodic due to the rapping and autotune (still knocks, though).  If you listen to the singer’s last album you will know that he has always mixed up his strong R&B side with some passible bars.  This time, by enlisting a rapper like Gaeko on the most rap-heavy track, he ups the anti by allow someone who can really blaze the track to take control without taking focus.  Another good point is that, unfortunately, Crush’s lyrics on his rap verse are kind of lame and Gaeko’s verse, despite the cultural references that take a second to figure out, is far more cohesive lyrically.

Probably the most surprising track in this set is the Miso-fronted Castaway, which doesn’t include any vocals by Crush.  Why is it included here?  Because (if you follow him or us on SoundCloud) he produced the track and may have had more than a fair bit to do with the writing.

Every production gives its own distinct feel, but there isn’t the whiplash effect you’d expect from such varied sounds would produce.  A lot of this has to do with many of the songs’ intro and outro sections that serve as transitions between tracks, something we attribute this to his visible collaborations with Club Eskimo partners because the same style was evident on DΞΔN EP (130:mood) as well.

Our favorite tracks are woo ah, 9 to 5, and DustCastaway might be the most skippable track for sheer fact that it doesn’t feature Crush and can break the momentum of the album’s flow by wrote of that alone.

Based on the title, we have the feeling that we will have Crush’s second album before the end of the year. Also, based on this…we can’t wait!