We are loving VanJess and their new collab with production duo Brasstracks because, again, it stands out against the backdrop of what is being played in more mainstream circles and the ladies sound great.

The production is perfect for the transition to fall as the muted horns over deep house beat creates a nice vibe that is mellow but still pulsing with energy and urges you to get on the dancefloor.  The very audible beat creates a kind of heartbeat feeling and it goes really well with the idea that this person they are with is someone who they want attention from.

The ladies vocals are on point, reminding us a little of Zhané with their controlled tone and simple harmonies.  They way they bounce between the two of them for the lead is very well done as they play off of each other well.  They don’t give us a tone of adlibbing, but the song doesn’t really need it and a more verbose style of delivery might have been a little to much for the song overall.  They still have lots of energy and emotion in their tone and that makes this a joy to listen to over and over.

These two sisters are vying with Chloe x Halle for our favorite modern sibling group with the Beyoncé-backed duo edging them out only because of discography size.  Here’s hoping they get their chance to release a mixtape, album, EP, or streamable soon because we need more than just these momentary fixes.