Look at Zendaya getting seduced by the sound!

When Bruno Mars dropped this track as an official single, we were a little unsure as to whether it would get a visual or not.  Mars has been pretty much constantly on tour since the 24K Magic album dropped and he probably wouldn’t have time for it.  Even the artists himself has admitted that he didn’t see this in the making as he has had a ton of other things on his plate.

Lucky for us, he decided to do it and we are loving the beautiful simplicity of it.

We had a lot of idea about what this video could look like, but we never thought that they would give us something as easily sensual as Bruno Mars sitting at a piano and singing while Zendaya gets carried away by the music he makes.  Not only do the visuals of the rooms fit into the eighties aesthetic that the singer is duplicating in the song, but the PG-rated seduction also falls in line with that era, being obviously sexual without being…obviously sexual.

We were wondering if, with the success of the album and the rather limited promotional activities (outside of live shows) that the artist is doing, would that mean that the singer would start prepping another album for release sometime in early 2018.  This video shows that he plans to drain every drop of goodness out of this album and give it to us…and we couldn’t be happier.  Once an artist reaches the level of a Bruno Mars, they shouldn’t have to release new music every year to keep fans invested; good music ages well and gives the artist time to grow.  This visual shows that there is a lot more to offer from this set and we can’t wait to get it.