The BIGBANG solo projects have begun and Daesung gets the first shot.

Depending on where your preferences lie musically, the argument between who has the best singing voices in BIGBANG will always be boil down to a Taeyang/Daesung or Seung-Ri/Daesung decision.  The reason that the baby of the group ends up being in either discussion is because he has a versatile singing style that allows him to fit easily into most genres by just changing the emphasis of particular notes and adlibs.

Enter the albums by D-Lite, which have the singer vocally showing out in a way that he doesn’t always get to do on the BIGBANG albums.  Giving the listener beautifully stressed vocals, we get to hear why the singer, at such a young age, was able command audiences, even against his older bandmates.  His voice is just wonderful and full of emotional vigor that will give anyone listening the occasional tear as to just how much he can tug at your heartstrings with his delivery.

When it comes to his solo projects, Daesung has always seemed to prefer a mixture of trot and rock, which does seem to have him taking over Japan whenever he drops, but doesn’t always give him a chance to really show off just how good a singer he is.  He does a great job, but the almost singular emotion bent that these type of songs offer doesn’t give him a chance to show the range that we all know he is capable of.  The sensuality and cockiness that we also love from him tend to be absent from his solos and it’s a shame for the audience more than anybody.  Here’s hoping that his next project will be Korean-language based and give him more leeway in what he’s able to do.

Our favorite tracks are Intro/Kimie, The Sign and Anymore.  The most skippable track is Venus just because of how discordant sections of it are.