Hard to believe it’s been over a year since we’ve heard from Rotimi musically, but that year off has been beneficial because we haven’t liked any thing by him this much since Royal Wednesday.

Rotimi has a sensuous voice and he uses it to great effect here.  Not all the songs have a romantic bent to them, but they do have something to do with love and sex, so he brings his A-game to the table.  The lyrics, while really straight to the point, have some excellent lines in them and the framing for songs like Kitchen Table take things in a direction that we haven’t heard before (or, at least, not very often).

The biggest complaint about this set you can make is that everything sounds very similar in terms of production, especially if you aren’t listening closely.  While the slower production style definitely fits the mood the singer is going for in terms of bass thump and sexuality, the lack of variation also creates a lull and it is easy to fall into it if you are either sitting still and cooling out or actively engaged in something else.

Despite that, it’s still worth a few listens and sets the right mood for the changing seasons.  If you want to get your own copy, the project is available to buy from both iTunes and Amazon Digital.

Our favorite tracks are Only You and Kitchen Table.  The most skippable track is Nobody because it breaks the mood set by the previous tracks.