We weren’t expecting this at all.

Well, that’s not exactly true.  Anything that involves DΞΔN is likely to be good, but we weren’t expecting the sound that this has.

This album has a completely laidback vibe to it.  For those who like to roll and smoke, it has just the right amount of trippy undertone to make it worth getting blowed to.  For those who are into Soulection, it features Ta-ku (nuff said).  If you are into the side of dean that is Half Moon and Put My Hands On You, you’re going to love this.

The other thing that took us by surprise is how much of this is sung instead of rapped.  The vibe you get from the lead single, Paradise, is that this was going to be a hip-hop album in the same vein as DPR Live with a vibrant, variant sound and some solid bars.  What we got instead is some nice love songs and some music that just makes you sink into it with happiness and calm.

If there is a plus for American and British listeners, it’s that the vast majority of this album’s lyrics are English, making for something you can connect with it in it’s truest format (without having to look up/at the lyrics).  And that translation does not hurt the album at all as all of the songs make sense in their respective tongues and have a real sense of poetry about them.

The fact that this has so much crossover potential isn’t lost on us and we would love to see this happen.  This sound is fairly popular overall, but doesn’t always break through on radio play and streaming services.  We would love to see it get pushed to the forefront a little more–along with the artists that champion it.

Our favorite tracks are YouCan’t Wait, VidaHollywood #250, and Paradise.  The most skippable tracks are Igloo and Treasure Island.