Music from Omarion can be kind of hit or miss.  We don’t mean in terms of content; his lyrics, while simple at times, get the point across pretty well and in interesting ways.  The problem usually comes in the packaging.  Either the production is just wrong for his voice or he’s drifting too far into the hip-hop for comfort.  It seems, though, that his next release will bring him back to R&B and what he does best.

W4Wis a good song.  Omarion sounds good and the production on the track is a good fit for his more upper-register tenor tones than some of the ones he’s gravitated towards on albums like Sex Playlist.  The song is nicely written as well, again not being too simple to be forgettable but not being that complicated either.  It may not be the most buzzworthy track he has released in terms of bangers and bops, but it does make you want to listen to it again and that’s a pretty good metric of measurement.

The presentation isn’t bad, either.  The video shows the singer travelling around Japan, taking in the sights and laying down some nice footwork, when he is transported to another dimension where he seems to confront different sides of his personality and finds peace in them.  Besides just being visually stunning, the somewhat nonlinear storyline makes for a good watch with each viewer possibly coming away with something different.

This is the first single from Omarion’s upcoming fifth album, Reasons.  There is no official release date as of yet.