Starting off vocalizing to a sample of Art of Noise’s Moments In Love, Vivian Green makes her return to the scene with a nice R&B banger.

It’s the pace of the song that catches you off guard as she transitions from the sample into the main body.  Yes; she goes for that kind of Carribean sound that everyone seems to be drifting towards now, but it’s what the producer does with it that really makes it work.  The song doesn’t stick with the core sound in certain segments, but the switch-ups seem natural and don’t really register right away.  The bridges give off a more traditional R&B feel while there are segments of the tracks that almost go EDM.  The core elements of the backbeat and the instrumentation remain the same, but the melody flips just enough to add some variety.

She doesn’t depend on the style of the track to be the main backbone of the song, though; she really makes the focal point her vocals.  And the harmonies here are really good and well used.  Green’s lead really is front and center for the majority of the song, but the supporting harmonies are well crafted and strategically used to add more the sound when she begins to adlib.  But the tone of her lead is so strong and yet doesn’t stress the ears in a way that some singers with similarly powerful styles can.  She dials back when she needs to and adds some dimension to her performance, making it a joy to listen to over and over again.

The lyrics are nice, expressing that hesitance that people who have been hurt do when they begin to enjoy someone’s company again.  The questioning of whether she is really into this guy is and not just a little lonely or caught up in the feel good of it all is something very relatable and she comes at it in a relatable way.  The imagery used is concrete and the emotions she puts forth aren’t overdone or snarky; it all feels very honest.