It feels like Crush hasn’t experienced the same mainstream popularity he had with Crush On You and Oasis in a while, but we are actually still digging him and his musical journey because he always keeps up guessing.  His latest single continues the streak because we weren’t expecting it to sound anything like it does.

Production-wise, there is a melding of jazz, R&B, and hip-hop that you would think would sound like chaos but, instead, melds into something that is both mellow and had a lot of thump.  The lyrics are a little indecipherable at times due to the fact that some of the references and imagery a very rooted in Korean culture.  It makes sense on a surface level, but you get the feeling there is a deeper meaning behind the references to the color blue that are just going over your head.

Crush’s vocals are the really star of the show and, ultimately, what sells this song.  After listening to it a few times, you can’t imagine another singer pulling this off the way he does.  The production is a perfect match for his voice but he keeps it effortlessly above the beat for the bulk of the track, making this a showcase for his tone and style.  The way he slowly ramps up the adlibs as the track progresses is not only smart (considering it’s short runtime) but just catches you off guard by the end and you end up very disappointed that it’s over so fast.

And that run between 2:00-2:10…perfection.

Click the [CC] button in the player to see the translated lyrics.