Bias-wrecker Taemin is back to do what he does best…surpass expectations.

You would be forgiven for feeling like  this track has all the anime outro teas because it absolutely does.  The sound of the erhu just beneath the surface of the melody throughout is so romantic and just gives you the feeling of being taken over by warmth.  There also sounds like there is either a shamisen or a guzheng (maybe both) being plucked instead of guitar, which takes what is quintessential a pop power ballad and giving it an added dimension.

Taemin’s personal vocal style is made for a track like this.  He has just a slight rock edge to his voice, which isn’t really enough to pull of straight rock tracks, but is enough to make something with an epic feel work well.  He has always excelled at ballads and this is no exception because you get the full emotional thrust of his tone without him having to truncate it of faster notes.

As for this visual…good lord.  Taemin is an amazing solo dancer, as Press Your Number easily proved, but this takes things to another level as the added effects really put emphasis on his movements.  You get the feeling he could have easily have made this work on the empty soundstage, but adding that bit of extra makes it visually stunning and fits with the song extremely well.

This is the title track from Taemin’s upcoming second, solo, Japanese EP.  It’s expected to be released July 18.