The last time we heard a good remake of Cruisin’, it was from D’Angelo and nothing since then has served to top it or the original.  Leave it to Gallant and Andra Day to not only step up to the plate but knock it out of the park.

The things that both these singers (and D’Angelo) get about remaking a Smokey Robinson track is that it’s all about the soul.  Robinson has been a songwriter almost his entire career and even some of his most iconic tracks are written in a way that almost anyone can sing them.  But what made them work for him were his vocals and the emotion he put into them and a lot of singers don’t seem to get.

Andra Day especially lays it on just right with the song, getting the relaxed, sensual vibe just right in her delivery.  Gallant’s falsetto is perfect through most of the song though, towards the end, he kind of ramps up a little to much and loses the thread and kind of goes off the rails.  That moment aside, it’s still a good cover and worth hearing just for the different take alone.

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